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Easy Picker Golf Products Inc.


To be consistently accurate, every shot must be executed with a CLEAR AWARENESS OF TARGET LOCATION.

This is especially true of touch shots within 100 yards of the green, where the swing must be calibrated for both distance and direction. Every round requires many such shots, and skill in this aspect of the game contributes much to scoring ability. That's probably why top golfers devote so much practice time to wedge shots of all types.
TeeTargets™ are designed for wedge practice. Easily moved to the desired distance, they offer a clear visual objective to enhance target awareness as well as finely-tuned feedback on shot accuracy.

Originally developed for the Duke University golf teams by psychology professor Steve Henry Herman PhD, TeeTargets™ have proven valuable in a wide variety of teaching and practice situations, leading to more effective and enjoyable short-game practice for golfers at all competitive levels.

The TeeTargets™ are a uniquely valuable practice aid adopted by almost all of the top NCAA golf teams, and by a growing number of teaching academies, golf camps, and driving ranges.
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