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Soffle Cool Towel

Soffle Cooling Towels (16” x 36”) are made to bring COOLING COMFORT on HOT DAYS.

Soffle Cooling Fabric is soft and super-absorbent. It cools to well below average body temperature when wet, to keep you cooler for hours. Perfect for outdoor sports and activities and other high-temperature environments! These high-quality cooling towels come in several stylish colors. Use as personal accessory for head, neck, and body - wear as a cooling scarf, headband, or bandana. Perfect for outdoors, sports, workout, golf, fishing, hiking, camping, at work, gardening, going to the game, BBQ, concert and whenever you need to cool down!

Soffle Cool Towels are engineered to allow you to stay active and comfortable longer in the heat. Never let the HEAT get you down if you can enjoy the outdoors.

Simple Soak it, Wring it, and Snap it and Soffle Cool is ready to bring you soothing comfort. Reusable and washable, made of performance fabric with cooling technology that enhances the natural evaporation process. Be Cool – Feel the Comfort.

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