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Greens Towel

Greens Towel - Microfibre

  • Perfectly Sized - Most golf towels are too big and bulk. At 16” x 16” Greens Towel is the “Convenient Microfiber Golf Towel”.
  • Cleans Fast - Made of Super Absorbent microfiber that holds up to 7 times it’s weight in water and cleans faster, Greens Towel removes dirt like a magnet keeping your grooves clean to help golfers play your best. Never miss a shot because of dirty golf equipment.
  • Easy-to-use - Greens Towel comes with a convenient carabiner clip that quickly attaches to your golf bag.


  • Logo Friendly - Greens Towel looks great when customized with your logo or a tournament logo by laser etching, screen printing, or embroidery.
  • 48 Pc Min - No Set Up, Mixed Colors

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