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Bayco Golf Inc.

Dye-Sublimated Flags

Dye sublimation uses solid dyes under heat & pressure to produce photo-lab-quality images on fabric. Colour is absorbed directly into the material, making it more durable and less vulnerable to fading than other prints. Your dye sublimated fabric can even be washed in a household washing machine! Best of all, if you run your fingers over the surface of a sublimated fabric, you will feel nothing other than the fabric itself! Unlimited Colour/Combinations - one great price!
  • Multiple logos per flag
  • Each flag can have its own different logo
  • Text or hole numbers can be added to each flag for no extra cost!

Find, Design & Purchase Customized Products For Your Company. Drop us an email at for more details.

No set up or art charges with good quality artwork: High resolution Vector format. Most common file include .ai, .eps and .pdf. * 9 flag minimum * quantity breaks on 18+ flags

Double Sided
Poplin Flags with Blocker for 2 sided Dye

  • Excellent medium for heavy graphics or two sided graphics
  • An optional blocker can be added to allow no show through from back to front.
  • Heaviest of the options especially when a blocker is added, this tri-layer flag needs wind to move.

Single Sided
Dura Flag:

  • Single sided dyed and approx. 95% show through to the other side
  • Very stable fabric in medium to strong wind due to the fact that the fabric is porous and allows some wind to move.

Poly Silk Flutter Flags:

  • Single side dye that has 98% show through to the other side.
  • Very lightweight. Works great in low breeze or cross breeze settings.
  • Great in arid or semi arid environment as it is always fluttering even in a 1 mph breeze.
  • Very quick drying if wet, dries within minutes of the rain stopping

Practice Greens
Poplin Flags with Blocker for 2 sided Dye

  • 1/2” tubes for the Bayco practice sticks
  • Double sided option only