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Standard Golf Company

Standard Golf - ST2000 Smart-Fit Cups

Standard Golf’s flagsticks come with Smart-Fit ferrule.
For best results, use one of these matching cups only:

The popular ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup has a third configuration. A “hybrid”, with an aluminum base and plastic molded walls, combines the best of our aluminum and plastic ST2000 models. Notched-ferrule flagsticks fall right into place every times with out twisting, sticking or sinking. Bonderite aluminum cups for maximum life and the most chip-resistant
coating around. High-strength plastic cups molded with chemical-resistant polymers provide a brilliant, lasting finish. Meets all USGA regulations.

Aluminum ST2000
6” tall 4 1/4 (10.8 cm) diameter. Manufactured with their new MagnaTech™ Proprietary Aluminum.

Hybrid ST2000
6” tall 4 1/4 (10.8 cm) diameter. The hybrid cup combines an aluminum base with plastic walls.

Plastic ST2000
6” tall 4 1/4 (10.8 cm) diameter molded with chemical-resistant polymers

Smart Fit Pro Ferrule
16 tapered flanges seat the ferrule and flagstick perfectly with the Smart-Fit Cup

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