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Bayco Golf Inc.

Bayco Golf Regulation Flag Poles 5', 7' & 8'

Bayco Golf regulation fiberglass poles are manufactured to the highest quality and appearance for excellent corrosion and weather ability. The regulation poles are 1/2” thick and come in variety of sizes and colors/stripes. They are veil wrapped to increase lifespan and reduce splinters from fiberglass material. Every flag pole is top threaded and color impregnated throughout which means that the color will not peel o or fade with time. The flag poles are completed with a smooth ferrule (you may replace it with a slotted [308STD] or locking [308B*] ferrule), and with a top acorn nut that will suit the swivel for grommet style flags or tube style flags. When shipped, we add a sleeve on bushing and ferrule for additional protection.

Available in 5', 7' & 8'

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